Video From The fMRI25 Symposium Is Now Online

January 4, 2017 Gary Boas 0

On Dec. 6, 2016, the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging hosted a symposium and reception celebrating the 25th anniversary of the introduction of fMRI. The symposium featured compelling talks by pioneers of the functional neuroimaging technique as well as by an array of experts in related fields. We’ve now posted videos of […]

Bruce Rosen On The Past, Present And Future Of Functional MRI

December 7, 2016 Gary Boas 0

Martinos Center Director – and fMRI pioneer – Bruce Rosen spoke with MGH Hotline, the newsletter for the Massachusetts General Hospital community, for a very nice article on the past, present and future of the technique. Read the story – “fMRI: 25 years later” – here.

On Introducing Noninvasive fMRI: A Conversation With Ken Kwong

November 29, 2016 Gary Boas 0

By Gary Boas In the early months of 1992 the neuroscience community was flush with excitement. Jack Belliveau, a graduate student with the MGH-NMR Center (now the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging), had recently published in Science his pioneering work with functional MRI, and the possibilities of the approach […]

Is Functional MRI The New X-Ray Vision?

November 17, 2016 Gary Boas 0

The introduction of the X-ray transformed our understandings of the nature of seeing and knowing. Nearly a century later functional MRI did it all over again By Gary Boas In the final days of 1895 a German physicist named Wilhelm Roentgen reported an intriguing discovery: the X-ray, a form of […]

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MGH Russell Museum Announces Details Of fMRI Lecture

November 9, 2016 Gary Boas 0

Jonathan Polimeni, PhD, Director of Ultra-High Field Imaging at the MGH Martinos Center, will speak in the MGH Russell Museum Evening Lecture Series. Details about his talk, “Watching the Mind at Work: 25 Years of fMRI,” are below, as well as on our Events page.  

The Bespoken Image: History, The MGH-NMR Center, fMRI

November 1, 2016 Jo Anne Fordham 0

By Jo Anne Fordham   “How do you spell ‘phosphorylation’? …” “First we will have dinner …” “I love the research; it’s the writing I hate …”   Past the second door and after a moment at its only slightly interested security desk, a huge, empty space rose quietly from […]

Behind The Cover: The Story Of The Original fMRI Image

October 17, 2016 Gary Boas 0

By Gary Boas The cover image accompanying the 1991 Science paper by Jack Belliveau and colleagues reporting the first demonstration of functional MRI is, quite simply, iconic. In that single, evocative picture, we can somehow see the endless possibilities of the emergent imaging technique. To take a peek behind the […]

Researcher Jack Belliveau was a pioneer of functional MRI and multimodal imaging

The Life And Science Of Jack Belliveau: An Oral History

October 3, 2016 Gary Boas 0

By Gary Boas Mark Cohen, a neuroscientist who 25 years ago was a young faculty member in the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, paused for a moment before addressing the crowded conference room in downtown Boston. “Somehow,” he said, when he finally spoke, “I feel like I’m a character […]